Desktop Rig – Assembly

Brought the items home and started the build at 8pm of February 8, 2013.

Before putting everything together, the SG08 case have to be disassembled for easy access. Making installation of each components convenient. Can’t go to detailed on the whole process as the manuals explain it well. Though, will point out some areas that I find uniquely challenging on this build.


The front panel connectors where a bit tricky. Good thing good ol’ google suggests the white wires where all negative. As there where no labels on the terminals.

We find it best to position the H60’s block with the tube side facing away the video card.

H60 Positioning

Every components tucked in. The 180mm fan was removed as the radiator is for 120mm fans. I will find a way to mount the rad on the 180mm fan.

Tucked 2

Cable management. If there’s any :mrgreen:

Unmanaged Cables

Graphics card view.

Graphics Card View

Luckily, everything worked on its first power.

Powered On

Initial boot:


Freshly installed Windows 7:

Fresh Install

Thanks for the help:

Consultants with Derpina

Teo, Jani and Derpina. Haha.

By ninerfive

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